What should the mommy workout look like?

When I was in high school it was required that my siblings and I participating in at least one musical activity and one athletic activity each season. The point was to keep us busy and away from the T.V. What a great concept and I have appreciated that with each and every phase in my life. I was never the star athlete but I did move my body and I made great relationships in the process. Into college, activity molded and shaped me into where I am today as a health coach. I was able to get in at least one run or workout every day. That was my joy and stress relief.

If you have been on my site or know my story you have already found out that I lost that joy shortly after college. My body ached and my mind was burned out of exercise. Off and on for the last 11 years I have trained and taught classes but never with the passion and motivation as when I was in school. After babies were born and I was looking to get the baby weight off my body felt even worse. I felt very hypocritical in my coaching and started to take a break from my career.

I went on this path to figure everything out and tried to listen to my body in the process. A healthy diet actually made me feel worse and exercise was just intensifying the aching pain. Diet and exercise is all I knew and I truly believed everyone could benefit from a healthy lifestyle. I had a combination of success and failures which took me years to fine tune. I am still on that path but improving daily…my body does not ache and I am starting to control my own mind. It was not one magic pill nor was it diet or exercise that guided me to better health.

I gave up on my physical body and turned to healing my mind since my body was not cooperating. I read self-help books, encouraging posts, memorized scripture, bible studies and even quantum physics. I was feeling pretty good but no matter what I told myself body was still hurting. No one knew it and I tried to get back into a routine only to fall short. As a new mom, I could use the excuse “I have no time for exercise or meal preparations”. However, as a coach I knew that was a very polite way to tell myself… I don’t want this to work out.

After tackling my mind I was able to get my act together and work at healing my body. It took courage, motivation and money but I found out what worked for me. After receiving my BIE Practitioners license I still had work to do as far as how was I going to apply this healing tool to my stress symptoms. The body is complicated and we all react in a slightly different way.

I had reached a point in my healing where I could say that my body was ready to tackle physical change. It wanted to make sure I was ready before heading down this road again; I did not want to fail again. I appreciate the way I feel now more than ever and with every workout I thank the Lord for my success. I wake up early to teach class before my kids ask for my attention and over the weekend I do not even think about lifting a weight because my home needs attention. My point in telling my story is to comfort you and reassure you that you are not alone. If you ache for three months because you started a workout, guess what, it is either not the workout for you or your body is not ready. THAT IS OKAY!

A mommy workout should have a purpose. If your purpose is to maintain a healthy happy life and exercise gives you pain or an acid/alkaline diet causes depression you are steering away from that main goal.  Heal your body first and have compassion for the way you feel. Relax, Heal and Enjoy!

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