Trust: is it missing in your life?

I learned something very valuable from a family that recently came to visit my office. They called about 2 months prior to set up an initial appointment. The drive was 9.5 hours with a young family of five so it took some arranging and organization. The mother set up her appointment to heal some health concerns she was dealing with and up to this point she had not found relief. I assumed with all the planning involved they were well aware of what they were walking into when they arrived at my door. My first question to anyone who walks in the door is “what do you know about BIE and how did your referral explain what it is that I do?”. I do this to get a better feeling for my initial explanation since in the mid-west BIE is almost non-existent. This was my surprise and how this specific family answered my question:

The couple looked at each other a little confused and slightly concerned. They both shook their heads and said… I guess we don’t know what BIE is or what you do. They proceeded to let me know that they had spoke to their referral once over the phone but didn’t discuss BIE or the approach. What they did mention is that they made the appointment based on how the referral felt after a few short visits. They arranged their schedule to make this work based on one strangers story. I took a deep breath and shook off my shock to fill them in on what they needed to know before the appointment. I made a mental note to start working on trusting others in my own life.

Why not take another person’s experience at full value? What would I have to lose at this point in my live? Here is how that same situation was different in my experience.

I found BIE online and saved it in my bookmarks. My son and I went through symptoms for years while I searched for stories and for anything online to give me validity. After searching and coming up with a few things that made sense I called to find more information from the closest practitioner. Once receiving the information, I went to my close family circle to find out their opinions. If everything checked out, which let’s be honest that doesn’t happen very often, I would make an appointment. I had a number of skeptic opinions along that path and it actually took me two years to actually make the appointment.

What would my life look like if I trusted other individuals stories and successes? How could my life improve and how would I be able to spend my valuable time if I choose not to double check every success stories references? My time would be spent being with my family instead of on the computer searching for the answers that I may never find. My time would be spent planning experiences and praying for success instead of doubt, judgment and worry. This family may never know how they impacted my life and how I now choose to spend my time. They may never know that they are the ones who taught me to trust people and success stories. Let’s learn from each other so we can Relax, Heal and Enjoy!

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