This paints a picture of my family life with year round seasonal allergy symptoms:

Personally – I rotated my allergy medication with Claritin in the morning and Benadryl in the evening, took a steroid inhaler once per day and a rescue inhaler 2-3 times per day, added a decongestant that I would have to pick up from the pharmacy weekly since they have a restriction on how many pills you can purchase at one time and weekly clinic visits for allergy shots.

Child – I also was rotating my son’s allergy medication with Allegra in the morning and Benadryl in the evening and sublingual allergy drops under the tongue three times a day.

Along with the medications and allergy visits we also allergy proofed our home. We had an air purifier running in the bedrooms, allergy mattress coverings, limited stuffed animals, dog kenneled away from sleeping areas and we took the carpet out of the master bedroom to replace it with hard floors.

Feeling a little trapped by our medication cabinet and outlook on life, I started looking into alternative approaches. I tired changing diets, acupuncture, homeopathic remedies, essential oils and herbal remedies. We were feeling relief but still consumed with this new natural agenda. I took a leap of faith and attempted BIE for the first time almost 3 years ago in Estevan, Canada. My family finally found relief that relaxed out lifestyle. I am now a BIE Practitioner myself because of my passion to help families eliminate these same restrictions. To be clear, I do not treat or diagnose asthma or allergies. I can bring the body back to balance which allows the body to heal, minimizes triggers and boosts the immune system. Looking at my son now, you would never guess that he had suffered from multiple allergies in his toddler years. I no longer take my steroid inhaler and my rescue inhaler has not been filled for 3 years (I do not recommend going off any medication without prior approval from your physician). I do not take seasonal medication and I do not follow homeopathic or herbal therapies (unless I am detoxing or using them as additional support). I feel relaxed and free from the asthma and allergy “game” that we used to play in our home. Relax, Heal and Enjoy!

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