Are you tired of the "no-pain no-gain" approach?

Stress can do a number on your mindset, muscles and even your digestion. Imagining how your body reacts, consider what stress can do in someone 1/4 your size with minimal coping skills. This ugly beast can attack from all angles including constant WiFi, cell phone frequencies, vehicle exhaust emissions, animal dander, ragweed, grass and even (Eeek) gluten. Along with what you cannot avoid… what do you purposefully add to your stress bucket?

I understand the challenge and don’t worry, I once ignored stress symptoms too.

Today I choose health over worry.

Life isn’t just about keeping up with the laundry, personal workloads and sleep schedules. It’s your STORY and it’s your DREAM.

And trust me, you don’t want to miss the ending (even if you don’t believe it yet).

I’m Ashley,

And I’m a refreshing change from the hustle-bustle, beat-you-to-the-ground, no-pain-no-game approach when it comes to healing.

I’m on a mission to help individuals just like you relax and enjoy life with a stunning healing agenda – but more importantly, I am going to help you heal your entire family by eliminating STRESS triggers!

Because healing is no longer impossible.

My wish for you is that you can embrace your purpose. Decide if your current situation reflects that purpose and be brave enough to make the changes IF your life and your purpose do not align.

Relax the schedule, control and demands of everyday life.

Heal your family without worry.

and Enjoy what matters most.


In order to accomplish those goals you really have to dig into what is causing stress and be motivated for CHANGE.

She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.

Proverbs 31:25


With degrees in Food and Nutrition and Exercise Science from Minnesota State University, Mankato and being involved with many different avenues of the health and fitness industry I finally realized the stress approach is doing more harm that good. Stress is actually leaving it’s big furry footprints in our health and it is hard to cover the tracks. Using stress to combat stress was thought to be the only way to heal and now that approach can be kicked to the curb and replaced with a natural non-invasive healing process.

After receiving my BIE Practitioners license with The Institute of Natural Health Technologies I can completely by-pass the stress approach to healing and balance your body safely and naturally.

Click ‘MY STORY’ to read more about me…


What my healing journey has looked like?

I have had lots of ups and downs with my activity level but for the majority of my youth onto early adult life I have stayed diligent. It wasn’t until I was out of school and newly married that I started on this path to find more energy. When it was just my husband and myself I had freedom to rest when I needed to rest. I did not even think to search for energy. When my son was born, I tried everything to heal and had wonderful support from the healthcare community. However, we kept falling short as to the what and whys of my fatigue.

In the meantime, I stopped caring about how I was feeling because my son was having so many stress symptoms of his own. We went to appointment after appointment and left with medication that masked his symptoms really well. As new parents we were so happy the symptoms were controlled. I started again to look into why I was feeling so tired and to actually care for my symptoms.

Oh, never-mind I became pregnant which always brings on a whole new reason for stress. After baby two was born and thinking things were going well we started to realize the medication was hiding the true stress and causing more harm than good. Going on a two year gluten and dairy free journey while staying home to run a daycare took its toll on our new family. Searching for answers became my life and frustrated my husband to his limit. I found Institute of Natural Health Technologies and the BIE modality and I cannot control my excitement about how this has healed my family.

Healing: Step One

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