Barb Schmitz

For as long as I can remember I have always felt tired—trying to shake off a fog. I thought this was just how I was made. Six months ago I was introduced to BIE. Through this process, Ashley was able to identify what my body was not processing properly and adjust it. i have never felt better or had more energy. My brain fog is gone and also the digestive discomfort I had been experiencing.

About the same time, I started attending the fitness classes that were offered at Live Life Well. I love the small class size. Ashley is so knowledgeable and encouraging. She not only makes sure we are exercising the total body (cardio and strength) but also teaches correct form adn customizes the workout for the different fitness levels. I am having so much fun – who knew working out could be so beneficial and fun.

It feels so great to have the energy and clarity to be able to listen to my body and know what it needs. Live Life Well is the perfect name for Ashley’s business. That is exactly what I plan to do.